Facts: Active components of Snail Gel

Proteases: avoid that new blood vessels become damaged, besides favor the deposition of collagen in the layer of the arteries.

Fibrinolytic enzymes: have the function to clean the micro-capillaries, promote nutrition and oxygenation of cells and repair damaged tissues or in addition to vessel remodeling.

Natural Antibiotics: combat fungi and bacteria staying on the skin such as acne and dandruff.

Allantoin: substance that stimulates cell proliferation and the reconstruction of damaged tissues. In some preparations it is used to treat ulcers, wounds and burns.

Collagen: works as a powerful skin regenerator which causes cell reproduction leaving skin smooth and soft. This property helps to repair your own shell when it breaks.

Elastin: a substance that tightens the skin by producing rejuvenated cells, which quickly removes wrinkles around the eyes and lips, stretch marks, scars, etc.

Glycolic acid: an excellent exfoliant that removes dead cells and stimulates the birth of new, fighting spots, stretch marks, scars, Habosem, etc.

Vitamins: some creams or gels are added, along with the proper vitamins of slime, vitamin A and E, powerful antioxidants that enhance the results of this product.